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Our photography style is primarily candid photos, but can adjust to the mood or needs you require.  We do have complete contact sheets available if you would like to see.  


Our photography packages covers your entire day when combined with our other services.  We are literally there the entire day.    Unlike other photographers that leave after a set time, our time is just for the receptionStarting the day, we will meet you where you are getting prepared, pregame, and ride to the venue.  There even is a female photographer on staff if that is preferred.   When we are your photographers, we are going to take a lot of photographs.

After your event, please allow us time to process your photos.  The time is usually 4-6 weeks since there is roughly 1500 pictures to go through and edit.    When we are finished, you will receive all the pictures taken on a thumb drive.  The top ones will be copied to a separate directory.  These pictures are yours to do with what you want.  Yes that is correct, you can whatever with them wherever you want.

If you have any questions, please ask.     Here are some questions you should ask every photographer for your big event.

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